History of Wader Quality Toys in brief review

Everything begins in Radevormwald, Grune area. There on April 3, 1928 in parents’ mansion was born the founder of the Company Wader Quality Toys Hermann Wader.

In mid-40th Hermann Wader left home and started selling his patented tool box. And only in 50th poultry-house of 56 square meters located near his parents’ house became the first production shop.

After the first success as the result of use of self-produced press-tools and sale of coffee jars Hermann Wader also produces handles for screwdrivers and brings first molding machine tools. He has the second production shop on the territory of his parents’ yard. Here tie-in goods are produced, as well as mini railway that in future will become the base of toys manufacture.

Hermann Wader buys ground area in new industrial region “Alte Landstraße” of Radevormwald. The same year new shop and house for the family is being built. But the enterprise grows, so in a year again there is the lack of production and warehousing buildings.

In 60th Wader Toys buys 12 firms and gets their forms to enrich its assortment. In 1963 after exhibition in Nuremberg Hermann Wader gets home and again exclaims: “We should built!”. They construct first buildings themselves. In summer 1969 thanks to the continuous growth of toys industry first big warehouse of 1,000 square meters is constructed.

In the beginning of 1980th the son, Manfred Wader, engages into the business and starts the development of the production. Even now popular products such as “Garage No. 1” and Babytruck cars (now Construck) are very important parts in the history of Wader Toys. In 1988 the firm gets residency buildings and exhibition hall.

In 1993 soon after the reunion of Eastern and Western Germany Manfred Wader buys in Elterlain (Saxony) the firm Plasticart. He invests about 10 million Euro in the construction of the new building of the firm and in the production. He employs 30 people to this new enterprise.

Extreme growth of the enterprise takes place. The assortment is highly increased. This is the period when Manfred Wader develops innovative products that become worldwide recognized.

In the terms of world financial crisis the circumstances of economic management worsen. To optimize costs the enterprise in Elterlain is closed.

Enterprise Polesie buys control of the company WADER QUALITY TOYS KG and starts the production in Belarus. 50,000 m2 of production and warehousing areas, 1,782 employees, modern equipment and efficient production, sale and logistics will quickly establish manufacturing of the products of famous trade mark.

Broadening the assortment with around 100 new items before Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The history of the trade mark “Wader” goes further.

Nowadays Polesie is the only manufacturer in Europe of the following brands: Wader Quality Toys, Wader Spielen & Erleben, Wader Quality 4 Pets, Knuffies, Knuffie Land, Baby Racer.

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